Ready to Start Planning your goals and Creating Balance as a busy Muslim Professional (minus the overwhelm and wondering where to start)?


Getting Crystal Clear on Your Priorities, and Setting Deen and Dunya Goals With Ease

This ‘hustle’ way of living may work for everyone else… but not for faith-driven ambitious Muslims. 

Achieving your work and personal goals as a busy professional is not easy but doable if you know what you’re doing… People do it all the time. After all, a lot of the successful people in the world have only become successful by achieving big things. At what expense though?

At the expense of their personal life. By being stuck in the ‘goal’ hamster-wheel of death. By thinking, living, breathing their GOALS. By pulling all-nighters to finish projects within deadlines. By compromising their health and burning out fast in the process. And not to forget – sacrificing important relationships for worldly gains. 


Muslims have the added responsibility of fulfilling their roles in the family, making time for Ibadah, and learning about Deen on a consistent basis. So add that on top of all your other personal goals and work projects with deadlines and deliverables… and burnouts suddenly seem inevitable. 

The truth is – Real success is in achieving Deen and Dunya goals with a balance. But that can sometimes feel like a ‘theoretical concept’… like an unreachable dream, doesn’t it?

To be honest, that’s what it felt like to me for the longest time. 

But I’m here. And I’m telling you – it doesn’t have to be that way.

Because the relieving truth is:

Dunya is a part of Deen.

This means that you don’t have to stop chasing your dream goals from the fear of losing your Akhirah. You can work, earn money, and have fun while building an Akhirah for yourself. When you:

  • Make time for everything important by prioritizing correctly between your goals using the example of Prophet SAW,
  • Stay focused and present, and finish all the goals you take up till the end,
  • Build consistent Sunnah habits (even if small),
  • Work with Allah-pleasing intentions (not self-pleasing or people-pleasing),
  • and overall, give it your best…

…it is Allah’s promise that He will add barakah in it and give you a beautiful reward in Dunya and Akhirah. (Quran: 55:60)



Creating balance definitely doesn’t mean taking up more goals to compensate for the neglected area of your life and working from a place of overwhelm to make sure you’re doing ‘all’.

A good healthy balance from the Sunnah means you fulfill all your roles as a Muslim, work for your dream goals with Ihsan and also step back to take care of yourself and enjoy life regularly!

I created this starter kit to show you the first steps of working on your goals with that kind of sweet balance.

You’ll learn that instead of chasing unrealistic standards by falling into comparisonitis, you can do LESS and still achieve big things if you’re strapped for time. Or you can do more if you have the time…

but as long as you’re strategizing to gain barakah by maintaining a healthy balance between your goals, you will get disproportionate rewards for your efforts from Allah. Sound good?!

I’d easily feel overwhelmed just by thinking of all the tasks that need to be done (I’m a mother of toddlers!) and get exhausted mentally before even starting to do anything actually.

Now I take one thing at a time and make my plans and goals realistic to me. Alhamdulillah I can see the difference already in my mental status and can calm myself down if I get too overwhelmed.


I’ve been reading Quran with meaning on a daily basis now (been a long-term goal of mine). I’ve also started disciplining myself to pray Fajr prayer, Elhamdüllillah.

I now make day-to-day decisions more efficiently (I’ve always struggled with decision-fatigue!) I’ve realized that I can be as productive as I want if I know how to prioritize my time & energy!


 I have big goals I want to achieve so I’ve had to work to get more focus on my most important goals and have started to get more organized. I am on my journey to memorize the Quran (finishing Juz 10 this year). I’ve also started working on my dream goal – to become a life coach. My vision is to help teenagers, with my life coaching programs, better their lives by implementing the Islamic way of living, InshaAllah.


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