How to not Lose Focus and Consistency in Your Deen and Dunya Goals:

5 Little Known Goal-Killing Mistakes *Most* Dreamers Make (+ What To Do Instead)

Register☝️and learn how to replace the toxic hustle culture with balance, and make faster progress on your Dream goals — minus the constant stress, non-stop overwhelm or frequent burnouts!

The conventional way of ‘hustling’ to achieve your goals doesn’t work for intentional Muslims… it’s not just wrong and outdated, it’s dangerous. 

Discover the paradigm shift in how we achieve our Deen and Dunya goals in an intentional, balanced, strategic, and systematic way to become a part of the new era of iconic high achieving Muslim professionals. 

In this Free Masterclass, I’m spilling all my best secrets! This is hands-down the best training I’ve created and has years of applicable knowledge condensed with strategic simplicity.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn…


The # 1 secret to following through and reaching the project finish line in your timelines (hint: it has nothing to do with the number of free hours you have, the amount of hard work, your skill level, OR level of commitment)


A full detailed breakdown of how just ONE project done well can change everything for you because of the domino effectand eliminate the need to do ‘everything perfectly’ all the time to be a high achiever!


Why finding the right productivity app/tool/planner that will solve all your problems (it doesn’t exist) is distracting you from the PERMANENT FIX — which will actually fast track your progress for not just your dream goal… but in all areas of life!


How to plan your goals like a minimalist: my guide to ditching the overly complicated strategies and getting BIG results with a simple plan.


A small but mighty mindset shift that will change the way you look at overcoming procrastination and freeing yourself from overwhelm — the phrase “I don’t know if I will be able to stay focused and consistent in this” will never stop you again! 

Meet Your Coach, Aimen 

I’ve spent the last 4 years researching and personally experimenting with a new way of organizing our lives and improving our performance as Muslim professionals. 

What started as a personal quest to turn my ideas into reality as a busy Muslim professional turned into a life-long mission to help you achieve your dream goals in an intentional, balanced way.

I truly believe by getting well-organized and working intentionally, Muslim professionals can do so much more and do their Deen and Dunya work to their full potential.

The process I want to share with you is the result of hundreds of hours spent teaching, coaching, and writing about goal achievement and behavioral change for Muslims.

Right now you believe you must ‘do more’ to achieve all your Deen and personal goals with work.

I’m here to tell you: that is NOT the case and that limiting belief is the biggest bottleneck stopping you from achieving your dream goals to your full potential.

There is a way for you to achieve your big dreams with excellence without ‘hustling harder’ or compromising anything important – including your health, relationships, and most importantly Ibadah.

Register for the brand new workshop to discover the revolutionary way of achieving your dream goals as a busy Muslim professional!

Listen-up, dream chaser.

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