2 Essential Steps of Creating a Holistic Sunnah Balance between Deen and Work

👇 Watch the training below and discover the holistic approach to creating balance 👇

Here’s what you’ll learn in this training:

✓ What a healthy Sunnah-inspired balance really looks like for a Muslim professional 

✓ What are the roles & responsibilities upon every Muslim in Islam (regardless of the career choice).

✓ What does being ‘busy with barakah’ mean and how it applies to us

✓ 2 simple steps for implementing the holistic approach in your days 

✓ 2 Common pitfalls to avoid while creating plans and setting goals for yourself

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Join the waitlist for my signature program, Balance Deen and Dunya (BDD), for busy Muslim professionals who want to create balance in their days and achieve their most important projects for the year by getting top-level organized and mastering their mindset through faith — all the while being aligned with their purpose in life as Muslims. 


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