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Balance Deen and Dunya 

A Step-by-Step System of Creating a Dream Balance between All Your Roles, Responsibilities, and Goals as a Muslim Professional (Minus the Stress!)


The only implementation program created for Muslim Professionals, that not only shows you how to make time for all your Deen and personal goals with work – but to follow-through and finish all the goals you start as well as stay consistent in new habits. 



Even if… you don’t have a lot of free time and when you do have some time you’re too tired to do anything productive.


Even if… you have time but are too lazy and unmotivated to do everything you’re supposed to do.


Even if… you’re overwhelmed with no idea where to start.


And of course… if you want to do MORE than just work, eat, pray, sleep. You want to dedicate quality-time to Deen, family and yourself too. Keeping a healthy balance between all of your responsibilities and your dream goals.

I’d easily feel overwhelmed just by thinking of all the tasks that need to be done (I’m a mother of toddlers!) and get exhausted mentally before even starting to do anything actually.

Now I take one thing at a time and make my plans and goals realistic to me. Alhamdulillah I can see the difference already in my mental status and can calm myself down if I get too overwhelmed.


I’ve been reading Quran with meaning on a daily basis now (been a long-term goal of mine). I’ve also started disciplining myself to pray Fajr prayer, Elhamdüllillah.

I now make day-to-day decisions more efficiently (I’ve always struggled with decision-fatigue!) I’ve realized that I can be as productive as I want if I know how to prioritize my time & energy!


 I have big goals I want to achieve so I’ve had to work to get more focus on my most important goals and have started to get more organized. I am on my journey to memorize the Quran (finishing Juz 10 this year). I’ve also started working on my dream goal – to become a life coach. My vision is to help teenagers, with my life coaching programs, better their lives by implementing the Islamic way of living, InshaAllah.


Tell me if this sounds familiar..

you wake up late in the morning, look at the alarm clock, horrified that you missed Fajr, get out of bed grumpily carrying a dreadful feeling of guilt in the pit of your stomach, gulping down a cup of coffee, skipping breakfast and rushing out the door?

Then you come back home from work, tired, drained and not really in the mood for doing anything. You know you “should” read the Quran but you say to yourself “I’ll get up in just a few minutes”. 

Finally you manage to get up, still feeling tired and lazy, look at the time and cry out loud as you realize that you wasted 2 hours on your phone and nearly missed Maghreb prayer. You rush through Salah. 

You go to bed stressed, feeling spiritually dissatisfied, knowing that the whole day was a complete waste as it didn’t go according to your plan.

Frustrated with yourself you decide, “That’s it. I’m going to fix my daily routine from tomorrow.” That tomorrow never comes. If it does, it goes away after a few days or at the most- a few weeks. And this keeps happening to you. You start fixing your routine and habits, but it’s not long before you are back to your old ways.

I want you to take a moment and imagine…

Imagine a Monday morning. You wake up 30 mins before your alarm rings, feeling well-rested. You get out of bed, turn off the alarm with a smile, make wudoo to pray Tahajjud and make some dua before the Fajr Adhaan. The house is quiet, everyone’s asleep.

You plan out your day while sipping on detox water. You know you’ll be able to complete the most important tasks of the day even if some unexpected guests show up at your house later that evening.

Then you get up and pray Fajr. You take your time to read Quran, lost deep in contemplation.

You make yourself a healthy fulfilling smoothie and listen to your favorite podcasts while drinking it. Rejuvenated and feeling energetic, you start working on the first task on your planner. You are so deep in it, you lose track of all time. Hearing others wake up, you look up at the clock and smile- it’s still 6:00am and you’re done with the first major task of the day.

You decide to take an hour-long nap before going to work. You wake up at 7:00am, shower and make yourself a grand healthy breakfast before going to work.

After you get home, you settle on your sofa and scroll through your phone. You check your email. You read your favorite blogs, while sipping on green tea. A few Islamic reminder shares, a few Pinterest saves.

Before having dinner with them, you sit down and give undivided attention to your family. After dinner it’s your time. Again.

You work on a Dawah project for the Muslim Ummah for an hour before calling it a day. Looking back on your day, you feel a strange sense of peace. Maybe self-satisfaction?

You know you are closer to Allah.
You know you’re closer to your purpose.

This isn’t just a dream you can save for “Jannah”. 

This isn’t something only other successful ‘super-pious’ Muslims can do. 

You, too, can work and make proper time for Deen and other goals, even if you are really busy with no idea where to start.


I love how you laid every step. I really needed simple and effective steps to take control of myself and my life, with Allah’s permission. I have been feeling lost and unfulfilled for the last year and so my quest to searching for simple and effective plan led me to you… after watching video #1 I Feel calmer, Happier, and determined, and I have vision now Alhamdulilaah.


After facing failures in my personal life as well as in my academics I had given up on myself. I knew I needed help. I wanted something that could help me and show me what I was doing wrong and what I could do next. Everybody taught me what to do, but the big question was How…. I found Aimen, she really helped me figure out everything… and helped me to improve myself in my Deen as well as in my Dunya, to move ahead in life and stop regretting.

If you are looking for something which will help you achieve all your goals… the Islamic way, which is not too overwhelming then this is THE right place.”


I was so lazy [in] doing simple day to day activities and I just [didn’t] have any motivation and I didn’t even know where exactly I [was] wrong… Alhamdulillah I am starting to achieve my goals now.”


Being able to balance Deen and Dunya, career and Ibadah, without forgetting to leave some family time is a real challenge for me. And it’s even more challenging for someone who struggles with internet addiction. I already knew that to reach my goals I had to do 2 things. Hold on to my Deen and organize my life. That’s where Aimen helped me. She taught me that the overwhelming daily list of tasks was void and pointless…”

Salam! I’m Aimen Saifullah

I’m a Doctor, currently working full-time as an online entrepreneur. You might know me as the Founder of Muslim Youth Programme. 

I truly believe we don’t have to give up on our goals in Dunya to secure an Akhirah for ourselves. 

Being a career Muslim woman myself, with a massive list of goals that I’ve always carried with me, I’ve just had to figure out a way to create a healthy balance in my life. 

After researching and applying all sorts of methods of creating a Sunnah-inspired balance between our roles & responsibilities as a Muslim and our work, I’ve learned that it’s not about doing everything… it’s about doing a few things right.  

Now, I’ve broken it all down to a science that I teach my students to bring them real substantial results in their everyday lives.

But it wasn’t always like that. 

HAH, FAR FROM IT. *shaking head*

I get how it feels to stay stuck, like you’re not doing ‘enough’.

I could barely call myself a ‘good Muslim’ since I was spending a lot of time on my profession but not nearly enough on my Deen. *raise your hand if you can relate*

And with an overwhelming sense of guilt, I’d dive ALL IN and start following an Islamic routine that I’d be proud of. I’d start sleeping on-time and waking up for Fajr, spending hours reading Tafseer of Quran, listening to Islamic lectures in my free breaks, praying extra nawafil, making heartfelt duas and doing well at work, feeling like a good Muslim professional. I’d be happy with myself and at peace.

But then- something would happen a tough period at work or exams, a wedding or vacation, and my perfectly curated routine would come crashing down. And I’d swing back to my old ways where I’d be wasting time mindlessly, barely praying the Fard Salah on-time, missing Fajr, not giving time to Quran and overall – feeling like I was neglecting my Deen.

I could never really figure out how to stay consistent in anything I started. And I’d blame it all on my inability to plan. So I would plan and plan, break and make my routines. Over and over again. It was downright frustrating.

Emotionally exhausted, I would convince myself that at least I was “trying”… at least Allah S.W.T would be happy with my efforts. It was undoubtedly a crippling time for me. Just look! You can feel overwhelm tearing through my plans >>

balance deen and dunya

One of my many overwhelming plans that makes me cringe (God, this is uncomfortable for me to share). This page is from a diary from 7 years ago. Notice how I stopped following the plan “altogether” after some time. After all, can you blame me? 😀

Eventually I’d settle on the thought that ‘maybe there was something wrong with me?’ 

I felt very low confidence in myself as a Muslim. But despite that, I never gave up looking for real answers to my problems. In Quran. In History. Online. In-person from my mentors. I was desperate!

As much as I love reading self-help content by modern productivity gurus, I’ve always believed that our Deen has the answers to all our problems.

So I poured through both secular and Islamic material… countless articles, research papers, books and video courses. I learned a lot of time-management strategies.
I also experimented with those tactics, strategies and tools in my personal life. Some things worked, others were a complete waste of my time.

I also studied other productive and not-so-productive Muslims around me —doctors, other professionals, students, Daees, entrepreneurs and even people with 2 jobs – to understand how they were managing their time. What they were doing “right” and “wrong”. I studied successful Muslim professionals to see how they were overcoming their barriers and achieving goal after goal.

Finally (!), I got a deep understanding of my time-management struggles and got the clarity, confidence and strategies I needed to create balance in my life.


I learned how to cut overwhelm from my life and use my productivity system to get more things done in a day than I previously would in a week! (no exaggeration)

I got rid of time-wasting habits— procrastination, giving in to distractions and laziness – once and for all.

And despite all the things I was working on, including post-grad medical exams and my online platform – Muslim Youth Programme, I even started to save 2+ hours a day to enjoy “ME-time“. Alhamdulilah.

That’s when I started getting asked this question a lot “How do you do it? How do you manage to do all these things in a day?”

It made me realize that, with the Will of Allah, I had started managing my time better than most Muslims who weren’t even working!

And after talking to other professionals, I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone in my struggles. There were so many other Muslim professionals who were struggling to balance their Deen with careers.

So I started putting everything I’d learned together…


Now, after 1.5 years of vigorously testing the strategies in this system and 7 years of relentless learning on my part…

I’ve learned that it takes discipline, hard work and skill to get to that ‘Next-Level’ of productivity where achieving sky-high goals becomes your new normal.   

Yes, it takes work to make that happen, but it’s not too complicated when you have a step-by-step plan to follow.

You, too, can get life-changing results like me and my students have.


Before joining BDD, I used to procrastinate a lot. And I used to set many many goals and end up not achieving them. And when I did not see results it would create a lot of anxiety and stress inside me. I did not know how to plan my goals in a way that I could reach the finish point of my goals. 

Waking up before Fajr and reading Quran after Fajr was my dream. I used to think one day I will achieve them but I didn’t know when that was going to happen. But now it is almost on autopilot. It has become a part of my routine. And I feel so happy Alhamdulillah.

Another important goal I had was to take an Arabic course to strengthen my bond with the Quran. Since I’m a busy student with many assignments, classes, and I’m also working a part-time job, I found it almost impossible to find the time to take an Arabic course. After implementing the course material, the first thing I did was fix my sleep-wake schedule. And because of that, when I was able to wake up early morning, there was plenty of time before my job and studies started and it was the best time for learning. So I found the time for my most important goal. 

– Law Student working part-time as a Salesperson


My goals were to pray all Fard Salah on time and memorize the 30th Juz of Quran. I also had goals of expanding my business and creating my own learning center.

Before joining BDD, I was struggling with sparing enough time for Salah, and praying them on time. Because I was overwhelmed by my work while wasting much of my free time during other times of the day. Besides I was totally exhausted at the end of my most days. Now, I am more conscious about my energy levels and focus only on the most important things. I’m also praying all my Salah on time while having sufficient amount of sleep. Because, I have worked on fixing my disrupted sleep cycle. And I have also been eating healthier and started doing sports. The course calls and material helped me dramatically… because of them, I’m able to re-motivate myself every time my motivation decreases and maintain a new habit. 

What’s more, I’ve also started my own learning center and am working on setting my business in a way that does not require so much of my attention. So I will be able to learn more about Islam, memorize Quran and work more on implementing the Sunnah lifestyle. Because of BDD, I’ve started to reach my dream productivity!

– IELTS Tutor

I’m fully confident that you, too, can create a beautiful balance between your work, responsibilities and all your goals, no matter what level you’re at.


But let me ask you something first…

Despite all the free information on time-management out there… Why haven’t you created a healthy balance between your career and all your roles as a Muslim? What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for that ONE piece of info that will change your life forever?

Or the perfect opportunity “when” you’ll have more free time?

Some time ago, I sent a survey out to 2000+ Muslims asking them whether they wanted to manage their time better.

You know what the crazy response was?

A resounding YES!


We want a deep meaningful relationship with our Deen and the flexibility to achieve our goals in this Dunya…

We want to know that if we put the work in, we can create a better balance and get a better control of our time.

So why the unbridgeable disparity?


We all say we want to stop neglecting Deen and make proper time for all the things that are important…

We even listen to the top Daees and read motivational blogs on managing our time better– and yet, we still haven’t done so… why?

We have become bystanders, reading articles upon articles, watching video after video saying, “Yeah, I really want to start managing my time better one day…”

It’s like we are spectators in our own lives, watching our goals from the sidelines… not having the courage, confidence or direction to create change.

Here’s the harsh truth:

You need more than a bunch of “informational tactics” to create a Sunnah-inspired balance between your work and Deen.

The missing bridge that’s causing a disparity between our words and actions is…


 The way your Nafs works, the ways in which Shaytan plays with your Nafs against you… and the deeper limiting beliefs that shape your behavior and keep you stuck.

As I pored over research papers on the psychology of Nafs as well as secular psychology I read something fascinating- The concept of limiting beliefs.

These “limiting beliefs” have been so subtly baked into our belief system by Shaytan’s manipulative efforts that we are blind to their existence.

We don’t even realize how they’re guiding our actions and controlling our lives!

Applying that on myself, I discovered so many of my OWN beliefs that I never even knew existed, had me chained up in my self-constructed fortress.  

Here, I’ve put together 6 of the most common limiting beliefs among us Muslims. Go over them and identify the ones that may be holding you back:

“I’m busier than most people. I really don’t have time”

Most people aren’t as busy as you are so how can you ever compete with the truly successful Muslims who dedicate ALL their time to Islam? You are working another part-time job besides your 9 to 5, to provide a comfortable life for your family. How can you even think about running after all the other goals on your wish-list, like taking a Tafseer class? Why should you listen to what these “productivity speakers” have to say when they don’t even understand your personal situation?

“[I have] too many obligations and lack of time and energy.”—S. M.

“[I don’t know how to manage my time.] Because I have “no time” —ANON

SOLUTION: Create a game plan for YOUR unique situation. Work towards getting as close to the Sunnah balance as you can with your unique time-constraints. You don’t NEED to set someone else as an ‘ideal’ criteria for yourself. You have the Prophet’s (SAW) daily routine as an ideal guideline. The key is to bring as much of a Sunnah balance as you can in your life, keeping in mind your unique time-constraints and responsibilities. 

“I know I should “fix” my life, I just need motivation”

You know everything you’re doing wrong, the fact that you need to “fix” your daily routine. You know the bad habits you really need to get rid of. You know so many time-saving techniques and have applied them such as daily planning, time-blocking, Pomodoro technique, etc. But you slack on and off due to the lack of motivation. You wish there was a constant source of motivation for you, maybe from your friends or family?

“[The biggest struggle for me is the lack of] motivation. I feel so alone even if I have 50,000 family and friends!” —R.

“Being alone is the most difficult thing. I like working in a team… Reading books on productivity motivates but not for a long run.”—S.

SOLUTION: Actively look for external sources of motivation, especially like-minded communities (online and in-person). That’s why Islam emphasizes the ‘community aspect’ more than anything. You can never tap into your true potential if you’re trying to make big changes alone. That’s not the teachings of Islam. But you can’t always rely on someone else to keep motivating you and cheering you on all the time! You have to learn to find ways to motivate yourself.  

I am lost. confused. I have no “dreams” or goals. I need direction.

Can you call yourself a good Muslim if you just pray 5 times, read Quran every day and continue dedicating the rest of your time to your career and other activities? Or do you have to leave your career and do Dawah work to truly succeed in Akhirah? What if you don’t have any big goals and dreams but really want to live a purposeful, fulfilling yet SIMPLE life as a Muslim? How do you find your innate passion and use it to contribute to the Muslim community?

“With the busy world nowadays, where we are juggling from one thing to another quickly, I feel exhausted… trapped in the “jungle”. Don’t know [what is] important, what I should do/ achieve. That’s why I lose my “way”…” — JEFFRY

“I am currently a PhD student. I always keep in mind and ask myself all the time how I make time for Dunya but not much for Akhirah which makes me feel guilty. The other issue I have is lack of focus and unclear goal.”  — MUHAMMAD I.

SOLUTION: You can start by first fixing your non-negotiables (Fard Salah, Quran) before setting other goals for yourself. If you’re already doing that, your next goals should be gaining more knowledge of Deen and serving the Muslim community. There’s a clear roadmap in our Deen for us to follow. Plus, you don’t need to have MASSIVE goals to be a good, successful Muslim. If you can just bring the core principles of Sunnah balance in your everyday life, you’ll be doing better than most! And later with time, you can always figure out the big goals you want to achieve in life.

I am overwhelmed with all the information out there! Where do I even start?

Ughh… there are so many time management tips and techniques out there. Some productivity gurus say it’s about motivation and consistency, others say you need to learn how to plan and everything else will work out if only you manage to stick to the plan. How do you know which advice to listen to? If all of them are right, how do I do everything they say?! Which technique is the best- that I should probably start with?

“Can you guide me with some routines that I can stick to and be more productive? There are lots of routines on [the] Internet but I wanted to ask you because I want to have an Islamic routine” — N.

SOLUTION: Pick one set of guidelines you resonate with and break it down into small easy steps. Then block out all the noise from everywhere else. It can be very easy to get lost in the sea of information online and waste tens of hours learning things you don’t even need to know to create change. Start small, start easy, but take action on what you learn.

“It’s not a good time right now”

HOW MUCH TIME WILL THIS TAKE? Who has the time to start another self-development project? Especially since you are already quite busy with “other” important things in your life such as job, post-grad exams, family problems etc. “Maybe when” you’re done with your exams. “Maybe when” your work gets lighter.

I DON’T WANT TO SPEND THE ONLY FREE TIME I HAVE ON THIS. You have a job that exhausts you mentally and physically, realistically you can’t STOP WORKING and spend time to be a better Muslim. And with your job, you really don’t want to spend the few free hours you have working hard to change your habits and routines. Maybe when you have “more” free time.

Having more time in my day for faith focus. I am out of house from 6am to 7pm Monday to Friday. I have to balance family time and faith time after I get home only to have limited time then bed time and start the cycle, all over again—A.

I JUST NEED TO FIGURE IT OUT FIRST. Living a productive lifestyle is definitely on the bucket list, but what about preparing yourself mentally? You need time to internalize the idea of transformation & change. Also, shouldn’t you focus on learning Arabic of the Quran, reading pending Tafseer and Seerah books first BEFORE you work on a “self-improvement” project?

SOLUTION: Unless you don’t consciously make time for it, there will never be a good time to work on a self-improvement project. That’s because self-improvement is a journey, not an end-goal. So the best time is always NOW, or else you’ll keep pushing it for later. In fact, figuring out your shortcomings and working on them is an ongoing process that can never stop. The moment it stops, the downfall starts (thanks to Shaitan and your Nafs).

Instead of thinking you don’t have time, look for free pockets of time that you can use to work on this. Plus, when you work on your habits and routines to bring the Sunnah balance in your life, barakah will follow you. And you WILL start getting all these free time pockets without even looking too hard!

“I’m too All or None with everything I do.”

You have tried to develop the habit of reading Quran regularly and praying on time. But every time you focus on Ibadah, you lose track of your work projects/ studies and give no time to relax yourself. You put too much on your plate- start an online Quran class, workout to get fit, start eating healthy, cut down on social media and fix your sleep routine- All AT ONCE. Burnt out, you drop everything new that you started and go back to doing the regular stuff. How can you motivate yourself to start all over again when you know you won’t keep at it for long? Does such a thing as CONSISTENCY even exist?!

SOLUTION: The biggest reason why consistency can turn away from your doorstep is if you’re trying to do everything all at once. So instead of going ‘All-in’, learn to say ‘No’ to goals selectively, start working on them in the best order of priority, take proper breaks and manage your energy well, and finally, set yourself up for success by planning ahead and relying on accountability.  

“I’ve been aspiring to implement an after-Fajr schedule in my life since IDK [I don’t know] how long. But what happens is that on the day I stay awake after Fajr (which happens once in a blue moon) I fill myself up with so much [to do] that I stay awake till midnight which is almost 18hrs of remaining awake!” —H.Q.

I’M A PERFECTIONIST- I EITHER GO “ALL IN” OR I DON’T DO IT AT ALL. You can’t do something half-heartedly. If you do something, you give it your best and do it to the level of perfection or you don’t do it at all. You think that’s a part of who you are, it’s a part of your personality. And since you don’t have the energy right now to follow through on a self-improvement project all the way to perfection, why bother starting it?

SOLUTION: Replace ‘unhealthy perfectionism’ with ‘healthy perfectionism’ (Ihsan). Instead of letting your perfectionist quality take over and push you to over-stress about everything, use this unique quality to do things with ‘Ihsan’ (a concept from our Deen). This can be one of the best qualities one can have because it’ll help you stand out from everyone because you’ll do everything with Ihsan. 



GET THIS– I’ve personally been through each and every one of these limiting beliefs!

For example- at one point, I actually believed I could only practice and study Islam in SPRINTS because I would get bored of learning (OMG what? Aimen!)… So I’d do intense Ibadah and Islamic learning for a few weeks, followed by NOTHING (yes, it’s embarrassing to recall this).

I spent years with borderline depression blaming my career for the “lack of time”. You can’t really do much when you work a day job right? You’d have no time for yourself if you gave time to ANYTHING else, including Quran? – (Absolutely not!)

I learned you don’t need to wait for that ONE DAY when ‘free time’ lands miraculously in your lap). I learned that we only need to start working towards an ideal balance that’s realistically achievable with our current responsibilities and time-constraints!  




I am a 27 year old woman who suffers from a chronic illness since birth… with that came depression and anxiety ( I was missing out on a lot due to hospital stays and self doubt). For the last 10 years, I have had no confidence to do anything for myself. I would make ‘plans’ to do so every year, but nothing would come of them!

Since doing your course, I have gained confidence, have planned efficiently and also started doing an Islamic course for beginners! 

I plan to continue and reach my goal which is to teach children Islam! Allah helped by giving me your knowledge, wisdom and kindness which lead on to give me some sort of purpose and joy in life again! For this I will never know how to repay you! 

I have your planning sheets with my goals stuck on my wall to always remember what helped me start and remember my Duas for you and your family before I go to class everyday!”


I thought Islam is all about praying … and it can’t help me with my career or my 21st century psychological problems!!  

2 months ago, it was a big mess of everything… Basically, I used to kill my time!

Today, I make sure to get my basics in place, wake up for Fajr, work till noon, talk to family, help with chores, talk to friends, sleep at 10. I make sure I do my prayers and read Quran.

My job is to help you reprogram your mind and break free from inner barriers of the ‘Nafs’…

And then to give you the best modern productivity systems, strategies and tools that have the psychology of Nafs baked into them and are fully backed by Quran & Sunnah.

 I like to teach things differently because time and again, I see things being taught in the online space that are completely misleading…






When I’d search for material on time-management and creating balance, this is what I would find >> 

None of them shared much besides some cool “tips and tricks”. Meh.

What’s worse- Only a handful of them are created for Muslims but even they don’t promise a SYSTEM that was designed to transform by default. Only information dumps.

The most common tactic I’d see was just “make Dua”. It sounds like the best advice, but it infuriates me. Did you ever make Dua to lose weight and within a week you lost 12 pounds even after having 3 plates of rice for lunch all week?

No you didn’t. Allah (S.W.T) gives you what you ask for WHEN you work for it.

I quickly realized my readers didn’t need MORE tactics or tools.


And that’s exactly what I created.

Something that would take you in a step-by-step method, giving you only the high-yield strategies and the exact tools you NEED to create change quickly — without the overwhelm.

Training you through all sorts of mindset changes, guiding you through discipline and routine-building phases and teaching you how to strategically use your time and energy to become a successful Muslim professional.


Balance Deen and Dunya

Doors to Balance Deen and Dunya close in...








Balance Deen and Dunya (BDD) combines the most powerful and game-changing modern time-management strategies with Islamic concepts from Quran & Sunnah into a unique Step-by-Step System for creating balance as a career Muslim.

In this course, I’ve combined group accountability, coaching, personal feedback on your work, case-study breakdowns and actionable tools with on-demand course videos (that you can watch at your own pace) into a unique HYBRID system.

Truth is

‘Balance Deen and Dunya’ is like no program you’ve experienced before. 

In this program, I’ve pared it down to only the most important and high-impact action steps & mindset shifts so you can generate real (and consistent) results for yourself in a matter of a few weeks.

You’ll get the exact time-management and routine-building strategies, step-by-step systems, practical tools and templates to put everything you learn into action. The exact methods of achieving more goals without the overwhelm. The deep psychology behind disciplining your Nafs. Every time-saving tactic you need. The in-depth solutions to all time-wasting problems. Examples and more examples from the Quran and Sunnah that relate to your personal situation.

It’s not just another course.

In BDD, you’ll be getting a different kind of experience. You’ll get the full step-by-step course training and printable tools with next-level support through weekly group calls with coaching and critique sessions, motivational emails, and personal feedback on your work from yours truly – Aimen. 

You’ll be learning with other like-minded Muslim professionals with similar struggles and goals like yours in our exclusive community.

So what exactly are you going to learn in this program?



Set Goals In All Areas Of Life Using The Sunnah Criteria, Prioritize Them In The Best Order & Reset Akhirah-focused Intentions For All Your Dunya-goals 

Create A Personalized Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Planning System That Fits Your Style & Requirements

Construct A New, Sunnah-inspired Realistic ‘Balanced’ Routine For Yourself From The Ground Up

Match Your Daily Tasks According To Your Energy Levels

Fix Your Cornerstone Habits Including Salah And Sleep Schedule


Follow Your New Routine Through Any One Of The Three Methods

Destroy All Time-wasters (Perfectionism, Indecisiveness Procrastination, Laziness, Distractions, Etc.)

Manage Overwhelm, Energy Dips & Burnouts. Deal with Negative Emotions in the most efficient ways.

Stay Consistent In Your New Habits And Routines. Become A Finisher And Finish All The Goals You Start Every Time



Develop ‘Top Performer’ Productivity By Managing Your Energy And Creating Next-level Self-discipline

Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in each of the six modules:

Module 01:

Create Your Game Plan

  • Use my Spiritual compass technique to set the right kind of goals with Akhirah focused intentions and become a winner in dunya and Akhirah.
  • Take a deep dive with me into the Prophet’s (SAW) routine to see how exactly the Prophet SAW was managing his energy and time. And use it as an anchor for your new routine.
  • Select your planning tools and pick the planning system from the three different levels of planning that is so YOU because it totally suits your personal situation and style. Make simple tweaks to your planning system to see massive changes in your days.
  • Organize all your goals & habits you aspire to implement and use my 5-Step prioritization funnel to pick the goals from your wish-list you’ll do now and the ones you’ll leave for later.

Module 02:

Give structure to your days and build your unique Sunnah-inspired routine

  • How can you do anything when you’re always tired, especially after work? Learn how to use the varying energy states of your body to your advantage and match tasks accordingly for maximum productivity. When done right, this will completely change the way you feel throughout the day.
  • Run some experiments & do some groundwork. Then, put together the data in plug-and-play templates to build a new routine that is as close to the Sunnah as it can be while also being realistic for you to follow with your current responsibilities.
  • Do you need to create rigid routines that suck out all the fun? Nope. I teach my students to ditch the robotic routines and give a beautiful structure to your days using my special organization system that especially works when no two days are the same for you or you have inconsistent work schedules.

Module 03:

Follow your new routine step-by-step, build new habits, and take action on your goals

  • Build a strong foundation with your cornerstone habits. Fix your Salah and your sleep-wake schedules by using actionable worksheets (learn how to wake up early if you’re sleeping late).
  • Start following your new routine by using any one of the three easy-to-implement methods. Plus learn how to make simple tweaks in your plan/ schedule to stay productive even when things don’t go according to your plan (that will happen at some point! :D).
  • Can never decide what to do when you (finally) have some free time? No worries. Use my signature 2-min method that the BDD students love to stop being indecisive and quickly decide between tasks.

Module 04:

Get over your unique time-wasters & get back your focus in everything

  • The age-old question: how do you break free from procrastination? And how can you stop being lazy in simple day-to-day matters?
  • Learn how to replace unhealthy perfectionism with healthy perfectionism that’ll help you do everything with ihsan.
  • I’ll also teach you how to destroy all the common distractions and develop unwavering focus so you can get all your tasks done in the fastest, most effective way.

Module 05:

Stay consistent in your new habits and routine

  • Don’t ever feel like doing the things you have to do? Have no ‘dream goals’ like other Muslims do? I got you covered pal. Use any of the seven secrets of self-motivation from the Quran & Sunnah to increase your ‘WANT-power’ for any goal that you can’t bring yourself to start working on or continue doing.
  • How to train yourself to become disciplined so you can do things you have to do even when you don’t want to do them. So you don’t need “motivation” to drag yourself through the day.
  • Learn how to run my classic one-day decision detox and digital detox plans from time to time to de-stress, reduce overwhelm, and prevent burnouts.

Module 06:

Become a top performer by getting to that ‘next level’ of discipline & productivity

  • OK, so you’re following a great routine and have even gotten the hang of organizing your days and week. You’re past the point of developing core keystone habits. What’s next?
  • Learn how the top performers of the world develop ‘next-level’ productivity. 
  • Once you’re regular in fard Salah and have been giving proper time to Quran, you’ll learn to increase your imaan by doing Ibadah beyond the bare minimum. Follow the health rules from the Quran & Sunnah. You’ll see that regulating your energy levels is the crux of developing next level discipline. 
  • Manage negative emotions, learn to create boundaries, improve your mood, and build emotional resilience.

Plus, I took my time to laboriously add things in this course that others in the self-help industry aren’t offering. Things that I just knew would help my students immensely…

I’ve added *Dream Bonuses* in the program that you’ll just LOVE.

 Extra learning materials

($97 VALUE)


All of the “Balance Deen and Dunya” modules come with their own printable tools that I’ve organized into four separate BONUS VAULTs… each exquisitely packed with scripts, Roadmaps, challenges, experiments, step-by-step guides, case studies, templates, scripts, checklists, planners, worksheets – ALL of which are designed to walk you through a THOROUGH SHORTCUT SYSTEM.

You’ll get instant access to them with the course lessons. I’ve done more than half the work for you. All you have to do is implement the steps one by one to get to where you want to be.







  • Saying No scripts
  • Fixing messed up sleep-wake schedules experiments/ exercises
  • A productivity system for inconsistent work schedules
  • 5-Step Prioritization Funnel Toolkit
  • Double Detox – Digital + Decision detox Plan
  • DIY routine toolkit containing ME heatmaps, templates, time logs, fun activities, Prophet’s routine poster
  • Exercises/ experiments/ cheat sheets/ checklists for all lessons
  • The Weekend Checklist (self-care day) 
  • Journal Prompts
  • DIY exercise plan
  • Negative to positive energy conversion exercises
  • And MUCH more! 

This is just a small glimpse of what you’ll be getting in these bonus vaults. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised! 😉

Weekly Group Coaching Calls 

($997 VALUE)


Group coaching calls every week (ongoing for 3 months and if we decide to do them – then you’ll be welcome to join beyond 3 months for as long as we do them)

Get all your doubts and questions answered by Aimen directly in these weekly coaching calls only available to the BDD students.

These weekly coaching calls are much more than just Q&A sessions. The calls are structured in a way that you’ll not only get to ask all your burning questions, you’ll also get mindset training where I’ll personally help you recognize and get over major limiting beliefs.

I also do in-depth case study breakdowns and critique sessions so you can learn to make sense of the course material in day-to-day scenarios that you can relate to.

These coaching sessions are insanely valuable and have been game-changing for my students.

A Built-in ‘Layered’ System of Accountability


True success comes from taking action. Allah (S.W.T) puts great emphasis on effort in the Quran. But to put effort consistently, we need emotional support and accountability from like-minded Muslims.

Motivation and willpower can only take you so far. Accountability will tap into your true potential and keep you on the track, especially when you run out of your WANT power. 


I’ve broken the system down into small action steps with trackers, checklists and cheatsheets to give you all the tools you need for self-accountability. 


Having a positive Muslim community, even if small but LIKE-MINDED, to connect with can help you stay motivated, energized and make the learning process so much more fun! Talk to other course students – career Muslims like yourself that you can relate to and help each other stay on track. You can even pick accountability buddies for yourself from within the group.


Any questions you have will be answered via emails or in the private course Whatsapp group. Another example would be of motivational emails you’ll get from me throughout the duration of the course to check in with you and make sure you’re following through.

Oh, and You’ll also be getting other mouth-watering Bonuses.



$137 VALUE

 This Masterclass alone can be a course on its own and an investment if you enroll in it separately. But I give it free to all the BDD students because I believe this is an INTEGRAL class that you can’t afford to miss.

It’s designed to help you fix your Salah no matter what your unique Salah-related challenge is, whether you’re struggling to pray Fard Salah, or you can’t wake up for Fajr, or you’re already praying all Fard Salah but you don’t pray on-time or with Khushoo. That’s because, in this workshop, I not only teach you how to pray Fard Salah regularly, but how to pray ON TIME and with the proper focus that it deserves.

You’ll get two things: 1) In-depth Mindset training to help you reprogram your mind when it comes to Fard Salah and 2) Hands-on strategies on How to pray on time every day (yes, even at the workplace or the mall), how to wake up for Fajr (even if you sleep really late at night) and how to focus in Salah.



$497 VALUE

I get that it can be really challenging to put together all the info and figure out a schedule for yourself that taps into your true productivity potential, is not too overwhelming to follow and is exactly what you’re looking for.

In this strategy session, I’ll listen to your unique challenges and tell you exactly what your next steps are. I’ll ask you to do some easy groundwork and give me the required data (exercises such as time-tracking, energy log, etc.). Then I’ll discuss the best strategies for you and construct a perfect schedule or routine that you can easily follow. It can make a massive difference when your schedule is designed by someone with expertise who knows exactly what you need. 

I don’t normally do one-on-one coaching so this is your best chance to get a 1-1 session with me where you can get all your answers. Although these sessions are designed to work in a 90minute time-frame, I’ll stay for as long as you need in order to get that clarity and direction. These strategy sessions are insanely valuable and many of my students enroll in the BDD program just for the 1-1 coaching.

Ready to access the course and all the bonuses? You’ll have to hurry because enrollment closes soon!

Doors to Balance Deen and Dunya close in...








Hang on….

I’d like to highlight something for you…

You can do the program from home, from anywhere in the world.

In BDD, we have an international community so you’re going to be learning with other growth-oriented Muslim professionals from all over the world in all kinds of professions (from people with a full-time job or a part-time job with studies and those working from home… and everything in between).

You can take the course from the comfort of your couch (or the dinner table!) since it’s an online program. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go!

I invested hundreds of hours building this shortcut system so YOU could save time and not have to kill yourself trying to “figure it all out”.

I already let many of my hair go grey (ahem- literally. But don’t tell anyone) researching, testing, tweaking and finally creating a system where I can share my very best findings with you. Stuff that can potentially save you years worth of effort, time and stress.

I’ve done the homework for you. No more frustrated attempts at applying “vague time-management tips”.

But here’s the thing though- I’m OBSESSED with your results. I work harder when you work hard.


It’s my dream goal to teach the Islamic way of living through life coaching to help teenagers better their lives. It’s been my goal to participate and start hallaqua meetings online for my son and his friends

Before BDD, I did not have a full understanding of my most important goals the MIG. I knew what I wanted but I was not organized.

I tried for a while to use to-do lists as well as daily and weekly plans but every time I would use a plan, I wouldn’t be able to stick to it. I didn’t know if I was even implementing the right one. Now I’m using my daily and weekly schedules properly, and am able to prioritize between my goals and focus only on my most important goals.  

I also learned a lot from the case study breakdowns in the coaching calls. It cemented the concepts that we were taught in the videos. 

Overall, I enjoyed learning from Aimen. She is easy to talk to and efficient, organized and inclusive of everyone. And I loved the worksheets, and the vault content, Aimen is so detailed to be honest I am planning to retake the program to get the most benefit!  

Thank you Aimen for all this work which is a gem and I hope a lot of young and old Muslims can learn and implement this program so they can see great results and changes in their lives. We need strong Muslims to lead the way and your program is certainly one that can change perspective and change lives. May Allah bless you and what you offer.  Jazzaki Allah Khair.

– Mum of 5, Studying to be a Life Coach


It’s been my goal to balance my deen & dunya, build better habits and discipline myself to be better Muslim! I’d been struggling with decision making, perfectionism and having self-discipline. I tried to manage my time better on my own so many times but failed each time. I used bullet journaling, read many books on productivity. Something huge was missing. The meaning of what I was doing, why I was doing it and how to connect it to my life as a Muslim. I saw in BDD that all the techniques that I kept looking in “modern world” were actually existing in my religion and that made it much easier and eye-opening for me to follow-through.

The sparkle in Aimen’s talk, the energy and motivation to teach someone she never met before, her passion for Dawah and her amazing research on this topic made me enroll in BDD and I saw that it was above my expectations. It was more than a course; it was as sincere as you’re talking a good friend in the meanwhile as professional as you are getting tailor based solutions from a consultant.

I was trying to discipline myself on praying Fajr prayer and Elhamdüllillah I’m now much better. I always wanted to study the meaning of the Quran verses, now I’m reading it on daily basis. Also, Aimen’s support through this journey is remarkable! She has perfect energy and spirit!  She is a cheerleader, motivator, teacher, doctor… and the list goes on. I enjoy the brain storming parts and to hear other people’s perspectives in the Group calls… these calls are where you could find the answer to all the questions you may have!

And know that you’re not alone! There are many Muslim professionals who try to deal the same problem. What you need is the right techniques and the guidance considering you are already short on time. Do not miss the opportunity to invest on the worthiest thing aka yourself! Balancing deen and dunya is a lifelong journey, but if you want a fantastic catalyst to speed you up and guide you in this period, I highly recommend this program!

– Industrial Engineer working as a Consultant

It’s time to stop crawling.

 I can’t let you waste any more time trying to figure it out on your own.


Here’s what my ‘Balance Deen and Dunya’ students don’t do:


Try to go ALL IN and do everything starting from day one


Compromise their responsibilities and roles by over-doing Ibadah


Spend hours every day ‘reading self-help books’ or listening to ‘youtube videos’


Compromise their sleep to ‘get more things done’


Try to implement random tactics hoping they’ll work well together ‘some day’


Over-plan and create rigid routines that leave no room for fun or spontaneity


Let their mental blocks and fears get in their way of achieving their goals


Use excuses to justify their ‘lack of action’ and stay stuck

Instead, they use tested methods in the BDD system to leave overwhelm behind and get addicted to that positive energy, inner confidence and excitement that comes from self-transformation.


I’m a mum of 3 toddlers. I’ve been struggling with time management and being consistent. I’d become so overwhelmed just by thinking about all the tasks that’d need to get done and get exhausted mentally before even starting to do anything. 

Alhamdulillah now, I’m trying to take one thing at a time and make my plans and goals realistic to me. I can see the difference already in my mental status and can calm myself down if I get too overwhelmed. All thanks to sister Aimen making us believe that balancing is possible.

And I just love love love the group couching calls. The motivation and security that comes from these calls was next level. Alhamdulillah. Also, the case studies changed my mindset completely (which, to be honest, I least expected to make any difference). 

I was doing self study and researching a lot that would help me in balancing and managing my Deen and Duniya. And Allah guided me to sister Aimen’s course and I did not see any other course similar to this. 


I’ve been trying on my own to balance my time between all my goals and responsibilities for many years. I used to create different kinds of routines and to do lists everyday, but I would do a maximum of 50% of the tasks I’d plan, and because of not finishing my goals and tasks, I would feel stress and depression at the end of the day.

But Aimen helped me figure out what I was doing wrong. 🙂 Yay Alhamdulillah.

One of the most important strategies I’ve learned from the BDD program is “Prioritization”.  Also, I found the course group coaching calls highly beneficial. These calls had a special atmosphere. After each call, I would feel more motivated and my positivity would increase.

Also the approach to all the case studies was highly practical and they helped us apply the most important course strategies and information in our daily life.  

Sister Aimen has a different approach, different style of teaching and teaches solutions from ayahs and hadiths for our time-management problems.  

I feel much more confident now. I am not afraid of making plans anymore because I have a master plan which can guide me to achieve my goals!

If you want to break habits that are wasting your time such as procrastination, laziness or lack of focus, “Balance Deen and Dunya” systems will give you the psychology and action steps for breaking these habits.

If you wish to plan, prioritize and work on your pending goals, “Balance Deen and Dunya” can give you the strategies to become organized, to follow your plans and finish the projects you start.

If you’re interested in making time for the basic acts of Ibadah such as reading Quran regularly and praying on-time to grow closer to Allah S.W.T, “Balance Deen and Dunya” can show you exactly how to do that.

If you’ve already started doing all of that but want to stay consistent in your good habits and routines without falling back to your old ways, “Balance Deen and Dunya” can teach you how to implement the consistency equation.

And you can learn from someone you trust. Not a scammy Internet coach, but someone who graduated as a Medical Doctor (and worked on her goals from a 9-foot space in a 15-person dorm room), founded a successful online platform for Muslims and loves food. (Although, that last one was kind of irrelevant 😀 ).

And as you continue growing to become the most productive version of yourself, I’ll be there to support you and you’ll keep coming back to the evergreen systems and frameworks in the course over and over again. Insha’Allah.

An Unbeatable Guarantee:

Try “Balance Deen And Dunya” For A Full 30 Days, 100% Risk-free 

Yes, I give you full permission to personally try the course within the first 30-days after you enroll and if you don’t LOVE it, I’ll give you a refund. I won’t even ask from you to show me that you completed the work. I don’t want to stand in your way if you’re not satisfied.

Most other online courses usually offer a lousy 15-day guarantee or worse- *gasp* no guarantee at all. And those that do offer a 30-day guarantee, require you to show that you’ve implemented the course materials.

So why would I offer such a bold guarantee and take the risk on myself?

It’s simple. We’ve based our refund policy on this hadith:

Messenger of Allah [S.A.W] said: “Both parties in a business transaction have a right to annul it so long as they have not separated; and if they tell the truth and make everything clear to each other (i.e., the seller and the buyer speak the truth, the seller with regard to what is purchased, and the buyer with regard to the money) they will be blessed in their transaction, but if they conceal anything and lie, the blessing on their transaction will be eliminated.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

And I truly believe in the Balance Deen and Dunya system.

That’s because I’ve made lifetime students even from my free material- all connected with one purpose, walking in the same direction- the direction of growth. I want to make life-time students with Balance Deen and Dunya, which is why I’m offering a generous money-back guarantee to keep the best of the best students for life. 

By the way…

You do have other options:

Option 1

Yes, you can keep applying random productivity tips you read on Pinterest or download more productivity Apps.

My question is: Why haven’t you been able to create a sunnah-inspired balance between all your responsibilities including work and Deen, even after having all the free information in the world? Is it because you’re too lazy or too busy?

I refuse to agree with that. The problem ISN’T your laziness or the lack of time. The problem is too many things pulling at you, too many voices in your head and no tested step-by-step process of getting where you want to be.

I know top 10 tips can’t get you the results you want because until I could create this system, I had tried everything and nothing would stick for longer than a few weeks at the max.

Option 2


$12,000 ($3k/month x 4 months).

There’s an ocean of online life coaches out there. First, you’ll have to pick a Muslim coach that you can trust. How will you tell the trust-worthy ones apart from the scammy online coaches?  

And you won’t find any coach that offers a 100% money-back guarantee, if any at all. Sadly, money-back guarantees are not offered in the coaching world. 

Plus you’ll be paying many times the cost of Balance Deen and Dunya.

Option 3


You can buy 20 different productivity books, burn your midnight oil and read through them.

First you’ll have to pick from the best ‘secular’ books on time management and then read the Islamic books on ‘behavioral psychology’ separately. Then you’ll have to go through them all and put pieces of information together, while checking their authenticity and sources. By that time, you’ll have learned a ton of tactics, theory, concepts, etc. And you’d also have stuffed your head with so much unnecessary information, a plethora of tactics that would never work for you, and you’ll have no idea how to use all of that information for YOUR personal situation.

Cost of all that= $300+ and 100s of learning hours, not to mention intense frustration.

Option 4


Ugh, the horror. The worst option is to do nothing.

The majority of responses from the survey we conducted was that “I’ve been trying to build a productive routine for ages”… “I’ve been trying to build the habit of praying on time for years now” etc. And then there were a few that said “I haven’t done anything”.

How many more years of your life are you going to waste doing nothing? If after all of these opportunities, you still pass by and decide to do nothing, how will you get around to becoming the exemplary Muslim you know you can be? I’ve seen people around me throw away remarkable opportunities, waste years after years and grow old trying to decide to change their behavior. It’s painful.

Ask yourself this: If not now, then when?

I’m going to be honest, you won’t like this course if you just want heaps and heaps of ‘theoretical knowledge’. BDD is an implementation program, meaning, it only works if you do!

Here are some good signs that you should not join the BDDprogram:


You are on the lookout for an easy way out of your conscience. You like to talk and complain about your problems but you never apply anything you learn. Deep down you know what you’re doing (and no, this ISN’T laziness. This is sheer indifference.)


You just want to gain a lot of Islamic knowledge about the Quran and Sunnah. Although it is appreciable, this isn’t a Quran Tafseer course or knowledge-based course that will make you the next Islamic Scholar. There are plenty of amazing Islamic courses out there serving that purpose. Join only if you want “practical Knowledge”. Also, no amount of knowledge can help a Muslim unless he applies what he learns. After all, aren’t those the teachings of Islam anyway?


You only want to rely on others for constant “motivation” and don’t want to do any work. You will stay highly motivated when you see substantial results from small daily changes in your life, as I can show you how with this system. But if you’re not willing to make those changes, you’ll never find that miracle source of “constant motivation”.

You’ll absolutely fall in love with Balance Deen and Dunya if:


You have tried changing your routines and habits but only succeeded temporarily. You are focused on the long-term results.


You’re already overwhelmed with all the things you have to do in the little free time you have. You can’t afford to spend heaps of time trying to figure it out on your own.


You have followed the common advice about time management, following routines, etc. and nothing has given you substantial results. You are done looking for random productivity tips. You want a complete step-by-step fully functioning system.


You’ve started working on your goals many times before but never got around to completing them. You want to know which goals to pick for the best results, the most effective planning strategies and unwavering focus to work on all your goals- from start to finish.


You label yourself as a “procrastinator” or simple “lazy” but deep down you know you can be a much better Muslim than you currently are. We will take you inside the mind of a procrastinator, show you the exact reasons why you’re prone to procrastination or laziness, and then give you the best methods of breaking free from these toxic time-wasting habits.


You want someone to hold you accountable. You’ll get the best kind of motivation and accountability from the coaching calls I do (did I mention my students LOVE them?!) You also want to be able to rely less on others with time and get yourself motivated every time you’re feeling low. You’ll learn the seven ways to get self-motivation plus printable self-accountability tools that you can rely on.

It’s time to stop feeling guilty or stressed all the time.




Then come join me and other go-getters in Balance Deen and Dunya!



This is the only course that is created FOR the Muslim professionals. It takes into practice the unique challenges of the busy Muslim Professionals. It’s a step-by-step process to building a dream balanced lifestyle as a Muslim so you can give proper time to your Deen, all your roles and responsibilities as well as goals on your wish-list.

It offers a complete framework for building a consistent personalized routine and schedule, the exact order in which you should move forward, the secret methods of breaking your inner barriers such as laziness, procrastination, overwhelm etc. – ALL in one place.

“Balance Deen and Dunya” not only takes a system-based approach to managing time as a Muslim but offers practical solutions from the Quran and Sunnah– unlike the secular time management courses that the online space is flooded with. You will also get deep psychological dives into the daily life of Prophet S.A.W.

Plus an unbeatable 100% money-back guarantee along with full support. I urge you to explore and see for yourself that not a single secular productivity course out there comes even close.


The truth is- you’ll never know. However, I’m going to challenge you by saying how many things have you wanted to do but haven’t been able to because you weren’t ready? It is absolutely natural to have doubts before starting something new. We all have them. But you’ve seen the system and you’ve seen the results even my free material promises. I will encourage you to join the course and see for yourself if it is right for you.

And if you decide it isn’t right for you- no worries and no hard feelings. From one Muslim to another, I’ll undoubtedly continue sending you free content over emails, Insha’Allah.

But if you’re ready to change and make proper time for things that are important to you, then this system can help you.


Let me tell you, pal, I totally get you because I’ve been there. There was a time when I was studying for my exams, working a day job AND working at Muslim Youth Programme.

One of my favorite students, Aminat, is a law student who works part-time because she has to support herself through college. Despite being too busy to breathe, she has absolutely crushed all her goals that she had before joining BDD, SubhanAllah.

Another student of mine, Lamia Khan, is a Physician working in the U.S. She can not have a consistent routine because of her crazy work-hours and post-grad exams, but despite that, she shows up in the course group calls whenever she can. 

I believe being busy shouldn’t deter you from working on your goals. I know how tough work can be and that’s why I’ve included very specific time-saving strategies in the course for genuinely busy Muslims. In fact, one of my favorite lessons is an entire ‘Productivity System’ I’ve created for inconsistent work schedules that works brilliantly (this shows you don’t need to have a ‘fixed routine’ to be productive).

Plus, I condense and summarize all the info and best strategies in the weekly coaching calls so if you don’t have time to watch the course videos, you’ll still walk away with everything you need from the coaching calls and vault material.


When you enroll in the course, you’ll instantly get access to Module 01 at the course site as well as all the Four Bonus Vaults containing printable material. The course will officially begin on 3rd January. Once the course begins, you’ll receive a new module with all its pre-recorded videos each week.
We’ll also meet up every week in a fun, easy setting to discuss that module, new case-studies, critique sessions and Q&A, in the group coaching calls. The group coaching calls will be ongoing for a total period of 3 months.
You’ll get all the details, including the exact release dates of each module and the release dates of bonus Masterclasses, via email when you enroll. Once you’ve received the entire course you’ll have instant access to all material in one place at all times as well as future updates. 


The course has a total of 6 modules, 30+ lessons, not to mention 4 bonus vaults loaded with high-quality printable material. Although I’m not very pleased with this question as I believe in quality over quantity. If you judge a course on the basis of the number of lessons then that’s failure to internalize the concept ‘less of applicable knowledge is better than more of theoretic knowledge’, especially when it comes to productivity.


The course lessons are delivered in the form of videos. The vault material is designed in the form of PDFs of scripts, worksheets, guides, checklists, experiments, Roadmaps among other FUN surprises.

If we decide to add to the course, (with) video lessons, their ‘audio-versions’ and/or ‘transcripts’ in the future, you’ll get access to them as well. The course comes with unlimited updates, you’ll get access to all the new material that’ll be added to the course.


You are in for a surprise- how about forever access? Oh yes, you read that correctly! You will have lifetime access to this course, Insha’Allah. This is NOT a membership program that you’ll have to keep paying for every year. Nope. Once you enroll, you won’t have to worry about your subscription period ending. Plus, over time, the course will be updated with new content including case-studies of successful Muslim students (including maybe YOU :)), videos, PDFs, bonuses, more unique strategies and course materials. And that sort of access- to all future updates and additional materials can never have a price tag.

In case we decide to end the course in the future due to some unforeseen reason, you’ll be informed well in advance and will be allowed to download the course materials as well as vault content. 



This is NOT a live course that will presented to you in-person or on webinars.

All the course lessons are pre-recorded and delivered to the course site, along with accompanying vault material, so you can go at your own pace.

That’s the beauty of studying online, you don’t have to commute to your course class, stress over reaching on time, take notes rapidly or fall asleep.

You can study comfortably during your work break, your weekend or even during your commute to work. Just don’t go through it while sleeping. “Balance Deen and Dunya” is flexible and allows you to study at your pace- at any time and at any place. You’ll only have to show up LIVE to the group coaching calls. If you can’t show up in a call, no worries. I’ll be doing them every week for 3 months InshaAllah so you can always join the next session.

All you need is an internet connection, your phone or laptop and you’re good. Although I’m not so sure if the Internet signals reach Planet Jupiter– yet. 😀


You can get all your questions answered by me in the group coaching calls (I stay around for as long as you need me to, so I make sure you leave with all your doubts cleared!). If you need a helping hand and someone experienced to hold you accountable, I’ll be there to help you every step of the way! And this isn’t just a one-time offer. I’ll be answering all your questions every week for 3 months after you enroll. *let’s do this!* 

Also, if you enroll in the course using the ‘Pay-in-full’ option, you’ll get a bonus 90+ min 1-1 coaching session with yours truly, Aimen. This is an incredibly rare opportunity to get one-on-one access to ME, have me look at your work and give you a tailor-made schedule that’s perfect for you. 


I’d recommend dedicating at least 2-3 hours per week. The more time you invest, the faster you’ll see the results. And the fun fact is, by implementing the course materials you’ll be able to save more time each day.

Because this course comes with lifetime access, it’s up to you if you want to go slower or faster. 


I would advise you to show them the results this course promises and the material I’ve sent you in the past over emails as well as on Muslim Youth Programme to clear their doubts and show them that you can trust me. I also recommend being honest with them about why you want to join Balance Deen and Dunya, why now, what will this course do for you and how serious you are about this. If you are true to yourself and make a valid case, you’ll be able to convince anyone, Insha’Allah.


I can’t promise you specific individual results within a specific timeframe because that would imply I can foresee the future- which I obviously can’t. Only Allah S.W.T knows that. However, I’m going to go as far as saying that you shouldn’t trust anyone who promises you specific results in a specific period because you know it’s just not how life works.

There’s no one-size-fits-all for anything you pursue. That’s because everyone starts at a different level of background training, intellect, adaptability and conscientiousness. There’s no way I (or anyone else for that matter) can guarantee a specific result for each individual at the end of training. But what I can say with certainty is that you will see results if you put in the work.


This is precisely why the course is designed to help you take action. Like I said earlier, this isn’t just a pile of tips all knotted together haphazardly but an artisanal system that is handcrafted to help you take REAL action.

Also, if you fear this course will become another burden on your shoulders, you’ve got it all wrong. The purpose of this course is to help you manage your time better in every conceivable way- so the more time you invest in the course materials, the more time you’ll save InshaAllah. You’ll learn how to not only have more barakah in your time, but feel less overwhelmed, become a finisher and complete all your unfinished goals. 


You’ll have a 100% money-back guarantee, which means you can try the course material yourself for up to 30 days after you enroll and decide if it’s right for you. 

I am confident the system works and I like to be transparent from the start. However, this course is not an information-dump. So I ask you to join only if you are willing to take action!

If for some reason you do ask for a refund, I will not require you to show me that you implemented the course material. In fact, I’ll even let you keep the bonus vault material. 

I don’t know of anyone in the self-development industry that offers generous refunds. The reason why I like to offer generous refunds is because I believe in the system and I want best of the best students for life so I don’t want to stand in anyone’s way if they’re not happy with the program. 

Still have a question about the program? Feel free to TEXT me at the number +447309874997 or send me an email at and I’ll personally get back to you!

How many opportunities have passed you by? 

Don’t let this one be the next.

Yes- balancing your time between Deen, family and work is undeniably OVERWHELMING.

Disciplining yourself is SUPPOSED to be hard. And it’s a lifelong struggle. 

But you can get to your NEXT level much sooner with a pocket-guide built painstakingly from the experiences of other Muslims, that has all the systems, psychology, frameworks and roadmaps you’ll need. 

If you think that this course is genuinely not right for you, then I fully respect that.

But if you really want to start living differently- if you want to start living a balanced life and become a top-performing Muslim- then it’s time for you to make a decision.

ASK YOURSELF THIS- If not now, then when?

Imagine yourself a year from now… 5 years from now,

What would you have done to live the life you want?

Enrollment closes in...









Payment Plan




Full Step-by-Step BDD Course System


Layered System of Accountability ($497 VALUE)


4 Bonus Vaults Containing Printable Material ($97 VALUE)


Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls for 3 Months ($997 VALUE)


Bonus – Fix Your Salah Masterclass ($137 VALUE)


Lifetime Access to future updates

All prices are listed in USD.

The course officially begins on January 3rd. You’ll receive Module 01 and all 4 Bonus Vaults instantly when you sign up so you have material to go through before we begin the coaching calls. The rest of the Modules will be released each week, starting January 2021, with weekly group coaching calls. 


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