Balance Deen with Career Starter Kit

A Complete Step-by-step Plan for Creating Balance as a Working Muslim in the Next 30 days

When it comes to creating balance as a working professional, it seems like a faraway unreachable dream, doesn’t it?

To be honest, that’s what it felt like to me for the longest time. 

But I’m here. And I’m telling you. It’s totally possible. And by balance, I don’t mean taking up a 1001 goals and feeling frazzled all the time!

A good healthy balance from the Sunnah means you fulfill all your roles as a Muslim with Ihsan… you get to work for your dream goals… annd you also get to relax and enjoy life while you do it! 

I created this starter kit to show you the first steps of creating that kind of balance. You’ll learn that you only need to create an ideal version of balance for yourself that’s realistically achievable in your personal situation. Sound good?!

“I was so lazy [in] doing simple day to day activities and I just [didn’t] have any motivation and I didn’t even know where exactly I [was] wrong… Alhamdulillah I am starting to achieve my goals now.”


Everybody taught me what to do, but the big question was How…. Aimen really helped me figure out everything… and helped me to improve myself in my Deen as well as in my Dunya, To move ahead in life and stop regretting. If you are looking for something which will help you to achieve all your goals… the Islamic way, which is not too overwhelming then Muslim Youth Programme is THE right place.”


Being able to balance Deen and Dunya, studying, and Ibada without forgetting to leave some family time is a real challenge. And it’s even more challenging for someone who struggles with internet addiction. I already knew that to reach my goals I had to do 2 things. Hold on to my deen and organize my life through planning. That’s where Aimen helped me. That’s how I learned that.. the overwhelming daily list of tasks was void and pointless…”


Salam! I’m Aimen.

I’m a Doctor, currently working full-time as an online entrepreneur. You might know me as the Founder of Muslim Youth Programme.

I truly believe we don’t have to give up on our goals in Dunya to secure an Akhirah for ourselves. 

Being a career Muslim myself, with a massive list of goals that I’ve always carried with me, I’ve just had to figure out a way to create a healthy balance in my life.

After researching and applying all sorts of methods of creating a Sunnah-inspired balance between our roles as a Muslim and career, I’ve learned that it’s not about doing everything… it’s about doing a few things right.

Now, I’ve broken it all down to a science that I teach my students to bring them real substantial results in their everyday lives.

My mission is to create shortcut systems and tools that’ll change your life for the better in small easy steps…



It’s time to stop crawling.

 I can’t let you waste any more time trying to figure it out on your own. 

I’m fully confident you can create a beautiful balance between your work and all your Islamic goals, no matter what level you’re at.

I created this starter kit to give you a new clear direction, unshakeable confidence and an action plan to get you a step closer to your dream balance, without the stress and overwhelm!

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